Master bedroom decor, you don't need a lot of money to know how t

Master bedroom decor, you don't need a lot of money to know how t

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I've had quite a few visitors from pinterest to see my bedroom. We're closer now that I've shown you where I sleep, right? :) It makes me happy that you're here and I hope you are inspired to make your home just the way you want it. I'd love to have you visit me at my food blog Carrot Bowl, where I eat mostly veggies with a few indulgences (yes to Cherry Chocolate Chip Bars!), and showcase regular people who are inspiring (think 74-year-old woman who runs 4 miles everyday at the track). --------------------------------------------- The day has officially arrived to reveal our master bedroom! I'm really excited and love what we've been able to do. It's definitely been a process, but I kinda love that part of decorating. I'm sure it will continue to change in small ways, but I feel like the bulk of things is done for now. Just as a before and after, here's what our room looked like before we moved in. Nice and blank. Well, nice except for the wall color. In case you're wondering, that is Camelback by Sherwin Williams. We'd never lived in a place where our bedroom was solely devoted to our bed! Totally novel idea. Coming from grad school, our bedroom was used as the storage unit, the office, the closet, and the bedroom. Moving to our home we've definitely enjoyed the space. Just last month we celebrated our house's 2nd birthday. I thought a blue would be nice in the bedroom. You can see plenty of blue walls in bedrooms on my pinterest board. But then again, you can also see plenty of grays. I leaned toward the blue. It did not go quite as I envisioned. It was a little too "little boy" for a master bedroom. It didn't feel cozy or inviting. I also tried the bed in front of the window. It opened up the room in different ways that I kinda liked, but at the same time the flow didn't quite work as well. Add that to no place for a headboard and the idea was hacked. Welcome to the real paint color. This is Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams. It's a blue gray and I think it looks cozy, modern, and clean looking for a master bedroom. I always breath easy when I come into my bedroom. It's nice to keep at least one place in the house clean if everywhere else is getting dirty. I made the headboard, fabric from IKEA Ritva curtains. I wanted a tall tufted headboard and loved the gray over the popular beige headboard. You can see my headboard inspiration here. I just re-purposed the storage bench and covered it with the other leftover curtain from the headboard project. I love that it looks like a set! The original bench had two pillows attached to the top of it. I removed them and decided I wanted to make a huge bolster pillow (post to come). I used the stuffing from the pillows, fabric also from IKEA that has been waiting to be used, and loosely used this tutorial to make it. The prints are from Costco's image gallery. I wanted a way to mix the rustic with the glam and using the gears and machinery was perfect. Tyler loves the intricate machines, that's what he works with everyday as a physicist. I also love the mixture of metal finishes. The rest of the house is brushed silver, but in the master I wanted the bronze mixed in. The curtain rods and chandelier (compliments of Home Depot) worked out great for this. I have a great neighbor that has given me a couple things she hasn't wanted to use in her decor, the bronze shells being one of them. They ended up being perfect for me! Love neighbor love. The medallion curtains are from Target. They were one of the first things in here and I still love them. I've wanted a horse picture on the wall for a while now and I finally found the right place for one! I love the play between the gears/machines on one wall and the horse on the other. The pair of chairs I found on craigslist. In the space below, I wouldn't mind something large and comfier, but this works great for now. Props if you notice the little hand prints on my mirror! The sideboard was a craigslist find that I'm still so glad we found. In the top drawer are family history stories and pictures that I'm collecting. The other drawers are unused decor items that are fun to switch out occasionally. I use the tiered trays for my earrings and bracelets (thank you Home Goods). It took two years to get to this point, so who knows what the next decade will bring. Tyler thinks we should put a treadmill in here, too. I'm going to fight him to the bitter end on that one. Update! I just found this small pillow and I like it even better for the bed (thank you Nate Burkus for Target on sale). I think bringing the bronze tone onto the bed helps tie it in even better! On the opposite wall is the bathroom on the left and closet on the right. The small pictures on the far right is the beginning of my family history project. I want to have pictures that are labeled with ancestors names spread out over those two small walls. It's an easy way to teach the kids that the world and their lives are bigger than just them; putting a face to a name is simple yet real. Sweet dreams! Thanks for stopping by! If you're looking for another home project, check out our living room transformation, my tv unit ikea hack, or how to keep your home company ready with my 80/20 rule.

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